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Headend Overview

The Headend is the heart and soul of any larger commercial CATV system. The job of a good headend is to process signals from an "off air" Master Antenna signals and / or Satellite (SMATV) and modulation to which then goes through the distribution to end user cable television subscribers.

The broadcast signals routed to the headend are filtered to reject any unwanted signals from adjacent off-air channels and adjusted for proper aural and visual carrier levels in. They can be fed to a signal processor or a demodulator / modulator approach can also be used.


The CATV headend uses frequency division multiplexing to combine signals from broadcast TV processors, satellite fed modulators and locally originated system specific channels onto a single feed. The combining process is passive since the signals already occupy discrete frequencies and have been adjusted to the same RF carrier level by their respective processing equipment. Passive combiners simply provide multiple signal ports where different signals are connected and are combined onto a single output containing all of the input signals. A post amplifier, sometimes called a launch or distribution amplifier, then amplifies the signals and provides slope control so that the entire range of carriers can be at the correct RF level for launching to the distribution system.

We carry a wide range of Headend systems from various manufacturers as well as from European manufactures including Germany and Italy. Please contact us for the specifics of what kind of head end system you are looking for!

We also carry and can custom build MATV filters that will allow only for selected signals and reject all other signals to allow for an equal level of signals from all channels before passing into the distribution amplification system!

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