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MATV Systems design and installation

There is growing demand for MATV (Master Antenna television) systems design and implementation since the change from VHF to UHF and digital TV has emerged in the Canadian market place! With an Array of well placed Antennas (Ariel's) we are able to distributed digital TV (DTV) to various Condominiums, apartments, hospitals, nursing homes, Hotels, motels and commercial type buildings, tapping into their existing cable systems. The success of an MATV system is the design of the main head end and initial amplification, from various filtered antennas and equalization before the signal travels along the main truck and then enters the main amplification and distribution stages! The head end systems is tailored to the clients needs to deliver off air terrestrial signals from various antennas to the main distribution points to allow each outlet to be connected to a television set. When considering a MATV system and distribution method there is two main factors to consider when dealing with the new digital off air signals.

  1. Leaving the signal intact in the 8VSB format and providing a strong head end with the correct distribution amplification to go from the Master Antenna (One antenna or a combination of Antennas working in conjunction with each other) to a head end amplifier then the a distribution system. Each outlet will be capable of receiving enough signal to view true DTV (Digital TV) and over the air HDTV as long as they are equipped the a television with an ATSC tuner or a converter box.

  2. Take the MATV (Master Antenna televison system) through a series of modulators to bring the signal down to analogue so that each outlet will use an TV with an NTSC tuner new or old televisions will work and receive a down converted signal. This option is used in smaller motels and some lower income apartments as there is no requirement for the end user to have any special equipment other then a regular television to view the off air signals. This would require a head end MATV system and a distribution system. The head end would consist of more equipment for modulation of each channel and the cost would vary depending on the number of channels each client wishes to receive! The disadvantage to a modulation system and head end like this in a MATV system is the signal is down converted and the client does not receive any HD signals from over the air! The advantage in a system like this is if the client has existing older television sets without the ATSC tuner there is no other investment for each room to have an ATSC tuner!

There is a lot to consider when it comes to a MATV system and which route to take most be planned correctly for it to be successful as many factors need to be taken into consideration! It is best to consult us for a site survey to determine what is involved , in planning for a new MATV system or to change an existing one to a digital based system. A well done survey and walk through with a proper plan will ensure that everything is calculated in order to build the correct antenna configuration, the best head end and then the a strong distribution system and truck with taps to feed the entire building with just the right amount of signal!

For a site survey either call our Mississauga office at 905-593-1494 or email us at sales@saveandreplay.ca for a very fair and nominal fee we can visit your location for a site survey and a quote for empowering your building with a MATV system!


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